May we bring to your attention a unique application for iPhone! Avatar-live is the application, which will bring life to your phone.

With the Avatar-live application you will be the owner of not only a supermodern, but also an awfully cheery mobile-friend. Now your phone can swear and compliment, nicely chatter and mimic different sounds: a birdsong, a cat's rumbling, crickets' chirr and many other sounds to fit any taste. Avatar-live brings you fun, smiles and entertainment! It is a well-known fact, that sounds can elate mood. What can be better?!

For fans of tricks and jokes Avatar-live offers a unique set of funny sounds: burp and fart. You are tired of standard alarm clock melodies of your iPhone?! Avatar-live comes to the aid!!! Choose your favorite melody as the alarm clock melody and your morning will be better.

Avatar-live — a new life of your iPhone!

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  • Live iPhone

  • Avatar-live alarm-clock!

  • Random sounds

  • Give individuality to your iPhone!

  • Novelties



Avatar-live — is really an irreplaceable application for your mobile device! Avatar-live — is the unique application which can give life to your iPhone. Surprise and amaze, shock and win the people around you! Favour your friends and relatives, or even stranger on the streets with a smile and take pleasure in being in a good mood!